The New World Symphony

Shown at the Centre des Arts Plastiques in Fresnes-sur-Escaut, France, with the motif of Dvořák’s New World Symphony, this video ...

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Mola Latente

A creation inspired by the abstract patterns found in the traditional textile art of the indigenous Guna people of Panama ...

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Kajadifuu & Danse du Renard

For centuries, Kajadifuu has been used as the opening of celebrations in Okinawa. The traditional music and Okinawan dance should ...

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Kajadifuu Bushi

“What can I compare today’s happiness to? It is like a budding flower, kissed by the dew.” “Kajadifuu” is a ...

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Die Snapes

Adam Edge, a singer, and songwriter living in Cologne, came back again with his cheering song Die Snapes – Wir ...

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Aus dem Wasser / From the Water

A person searches for the truth of his origins, a search that arises from animal instincts and the ambivalence between ...

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“Tic-Tac” that’s beats the clock incessantly upon a left hand. Time passes by, like the pedestrians, cars and the chaotic ...

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We all have moments when we would like to go back in time. And for sure, in corona social distancing ...

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The Headless Gatherer

What is the Gatherer searching for? Memories, broken dreams … or just a friend with whom he can wander through ...

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