Mola Latente

2021 / Video Mapping / color / stereo / 4’05’

A creation inspired by the abstract patterns found in the traditional textile art of the indigenous Guna people of Panama and Colombia. Molas are fabrics sewn into panels with complex, multi-layered patterns using a reverse appliqué technique. They illustrate a play of abstract shapes and colors in which the central theme is repetition, fragmentation, multiplication, variation, and reassembly of abstract designs.

Presented between November 24 and 28, 2021 as part of the “Video Mapping Festival #4” in Amiens, France (Ancienne Caisse D’epargne)


Direction: VAMOS Animation

Animation: Camilo Colmenares, Saeyun Jung, Igor Shin Moromisato

Additional Animation: Sebastian Gimmel, Lian Hong, João Montenegro

Music: Erick Bejarano

Executive Production: Benjamin Durand


705784454 video