Kajadifuu & Danse du Renard

2021/ Video Mapping / Color / 10’30”

For centuries, Kajadifuu has been used as the opening of celebrations in Okinawa. The traditional music and Okinawan dance should evoke a pleasant atmosphere, like flowering in the morning sun.

In this video mapping project, a visitor appears, a Kitsune (fox in Japanese), fascinated by the music and the dancers. He starts following the melody and tries to continue playing the music in his style. Slowly we discover that this Kitsune is a mythological fox with nine tails that can transform into a human being!

This Video Mapping was projected on the Auditorium Saint-Jean in Saint-Omer, France, was inspired by oriental calligraphy, and alludes to the meeting between the senses and spirituality.

Director: Igor Shin Moromisato

Music (Kajadifuu Bushi): Brandon Ing

Sound Designer: Aleksi Aubry-Carlson

Animation: Kevin Gachet-Thai, Saeyun Jung, Roxane Loisy, Igor Shin Moromisato

Production Rencontres Audiovisuelles


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