Aus Dem Wasser / From the Water

2021 / 2K / 2D Animation / 16:9 / B&W and color / 5.1 surround / 10’14’’

A person searches for the truth of his origins, a search that arises from animal instincts and the ambivalence between dream and memory.

Performer: Felipe González

Director: Diana Menestrey

Script: César González, Diana Menestrey

Storyboard and Illustrations: César González

Camera: Camilo Colmenares

Light, Set Photography: Saeyun Jung

Keying: Igor Shin Moromisato

Animation: Eunjin Park, Hojin Lee, Diana Menestrey

Editing, Compositing, Title design: Sebastian Gimmel

Voice: Maria José Román

Sound design and Foley: Juan Rmzv

Music, Mix: Sebastian Pablo Poloni

Producer: Camilo Colmenares


Production: VAMOS Animation


Film- und Medienstiftung NRW