Das Geheimnis der Weimar Morde - Eine neue Spur

2021 / HD / Documentary Series / 16:9 / Color / Stereo /

We made the animations for this RTL+ three-part true crime documentary series about the infamous Melanie & Carola Weimar murder case.

In August 1986, two little girls disappeared from the playground directly in front of their house in the Hessian zonal border area. When the children are found murdered three days later, suspicion quickly turns to the mother.

The series explores a new lead that could finally solve the case.


Production: Spiegel TV

Direction: Annette Baumeister

Animation Direction: Anna Mahendra

Animation Production: Camilo Colmenares

Animation: Anna Mahendra, Diana Menestrey, Igor Shin Moromisato, Eunjin Park, Judith Bornemann

Compositing: Saeyun Jung