Rosse Buurten Stoet

2021 / HD / Intro / 2D Animation / 16:9 / COLOR / STEREO / 22’’

Did you already hear about a traditional celebration where all people, regardless of age, sex, nationality, or condition, come together for a great festivity where they are the main protagonists? Well, director Yasmin Angel asked us to make an opening animation for her documentary film series “Rosse Buurten Stoet” about the “Ros Beiaard”- This is a very particular celebration in Dendermonde Belgium held every ten years.


  1. Gert Peleman:
  2. Els Thuyne:
  3. Adam Tunga:
  4. Joost en Annelies:
  5. Sonja Van Damme:

Director: Yasmin Angel

Animation: Eunjin Park, Saeyun Jung