OBSTRUCTIONS deals with the relationship of constant meeting and separating between two different worlds or scenes in one repetitive, co-dependent, and useless motion; two swinging characters try hard to reach each other. However, the physical distance between them and the irony of them both being actually one makes this attempt unreachable.

2017 Design Gallery of the NID, Phantom Lichter, Chitrakatha’17, Ahmedabad- India

2016 Gallery Ulupuh, KHM Student Exhibition at the Animafest- Zagreb, Croatia

2015 Live aus Köln, Elektronische muziek en videokunst – Antwerp, Belgium

2015 Studio DuMont, No Thank you – Please repeat Cologne, Germany

2015 Künstlerische Animation, Filmforum Museum Ludwig – Cologne, Germany

2013 Rojo Galería, La Metamorfosis de Moebius – Bogotá, Colombia

2013 Academy of Media Arts, Jahresausstellung Khm – Cologne, German

2013 Sicardy Gallery, Installation, Drawing and Video by Colombian Artists – Houston, Texas


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