Gender Battle

2019 / Documentary / HD / Color / Stereo / 59”

Gender Battle – The abandoned women of sport

ARD’s documentary shows what an enormously high price female athletes have paid in the name of justice and equal opportunities in top-class sports. It’s about hormonal interventions, carried out due to regulations of world associations, and about inadequate aftercare: This has led to the end of a career for former world-class sportswomen and to massive health damages.

Directors: Olga Sviridenko, Edmund Willison, Hajo Seppelt
Production Company: EyeOpening.Media GmbH
Commissioned by WDR

Animated sequences produced by Vamos Animation
Direction & Production: Camilo Colmenares
Lead Animation & Animation Supervision: Igor Shin Moromisato
Illustration: Eunjin Park
Animation: Diana Menestrey
Composting: Saeyun Jung