Duldung/ Toleration - A Micro Mapping In Two Parts

2021/ Video Mapping / B&W / 2’50”

“According to § 60a Asylum Act, Tolerated Stay Permit (“Duldung”) is issued for individuals who are, in principle, obliged to leave the country, but their departure is temporarily not feasible”.

In this micro mapping, two episodes were developed in the animation related to the theme mentioned above:

Ep. 1 Costs for Europe’s border protection

Ep. 2 Toleration – How many more?

This was shown at the Mapping Festival “About Duldung” organized by Kit Kitev in Oberhausen, Germany, in November 2021.


Idea & Animation: Parisa Karimi & Igor Shin Moromisato

Music: Be An Animal

Editorial Support: Cecil Arndt


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