Memory – this is the ability to revive the past through our imagination. And it is precisely the memories of people who have migrated or had to flee that are often hidden. Migration, whether voluntary or forced, always means the loss of home. Often, the only thing that remains is the memories of the former home. With virtual reality, we recreate these memories and make them accessible to many. A garden of memories is created, which is accessible to everyone in public spaces.

The garden of memories can be visited in virtual reality – a realm that not many people have had access to thus far. However, it has great potential to enable participation and break down barriers! Our project unfolds this potential of innovative technology by allowing people of all age groups and different life experiences to co-design the garden in virtual reality and thus contribute their perspectives.

For many participants in the workshops, as well as for visitors to our exhibition, the garden of memories is their first experience with virtual reality. At the same time, we put our commitment to a diverse and solidarity-based society into practice: We create an artistic example of what fantastic things can be achieved when we appreciate all perspectives, stories, and memories.


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Collaboration mit In-Haus e.V.

Concept, Director: Saeyun JUNG

Producer: Camilo Colmenares

Workshop Leiter: Sarah Thibol

3D Modeling: Diana Menestrey, Igor Shin Moromisato, Sarah Thibol, Hojin Lee, Elizabeth Ricachi

UX Designer: Tadaomi Kageyama 

Sound: Camilo Colmenares


Award – The power of the arts 2021


Teaser video

Blender video

DGDE Screenshot video

Reels video

Brush video