The headless Gatherer


 2019 / 2K / Animated Short Film / 4:3 / Colour / Stereo / 14’10”

What is the Gatherer searching for? Memories, broken dreams … or just one friend, with whom he can wander through the cities with their chaotic landscapes. Or he might be only looking for a help to get along with the feeling of loss. Do you want to become a company for him?

“This cinematic narrator cultivates a dream that feeds on desires, remorse and longing. Somnambulistic, pale at first, then more and more contoured, the animation about the “headless gatherer” is projected onto nocturnal cityscapes, their passers-by and their shady sides. The autobiographical metropolitan experiences skip across levels of time and images with a lightness that testifies to the refinement and complexity of their fusion. Igor Shin Moromisato sends his O Catador sem Cabeça, composed of Brazilian and Japanese cultural myths, into a splendidly colourful nocturnal atmosphere of which we would like to see more in the future.”

65th International Short Film Festival Oberhausen,  Jury Statement.

Animation: Igor Shin Moromisato, Michelle Park, Diana Menestrey
Text: Silvia Voss
Camera: Igor Shin Moromisato, Sae-Yun Jung
Editing: Simon Rittmeier
Narration: Nivalmir Santana
Translation: Maria Hummitzsch, Anna Lytton
Music and Sound Design: Bruno Corrente, Iuri Mastrochirico
Sound mixing: Echo Ho
Colour grading: Camilo Colmenares


– May 2019/ 65. International Short Film Festival Oberhausen/ Germany *World Premiere  *Award Winner
– May 2019/ Festival IN OUT, Gdansky/ Polen
– August 2019/ FilmSchauPlätze NRW/ Various places / Germany
August 2019/ See the Sound, Soundtrack Cologne 16/ Germany
– September 2019/ Festifreak Festival Internacional de Cine independiente de La Plata /Buenos Aires /Argentina
– September 2019/ Third Space, Ruhrtriennale 2019/ Bochum/ Germany
– Dezember 2019/ ZEBRA Poetry Film Festival 2019/ *Award Winner
– March 2020/ 23rd International Encounters Traverse/ Toulouse/ France
– March 2020/ 26. Regensburger Kurzfilmwoche/ Regensburg/ Germany
– March 2020/ Tampere Film Festival 2020/ Tampere/ Finnland
– August 2020/ Short Waves Festival 2020/ Poznán/ Polen