2018 / HD / Digital 2D / 16:9  / Colour / Stereo / 13’42’’

In Korea, a wave is called a monster wave when it has come a long way with enormous power. The wave is not very high,  so it’s very hard to distinguish it from the others. Only if it crashes an obstacle like a groin it reveals it’s lethal power and can build up to the size of a hill. Therefore accidents happen from time to time on the long coasts of the country. This film is based on the true destiny of a family that was torn apart by the power of the sea.

Direction & Lead Animation: Sae Yun JUNG
Animation: Diana Menestrey, Ara CHO, Igor Shin Moromisato, Anna Mahendra, Ok Sol KIM
Colouring: Nara PARK
Music & Sound Design: Seong Min LEE
Voice: Woo Jung JANG, Eui Kyung KIM
Sound Mixing: Judith Nordbrock


– 29th Animafest Zagreb – The World Festival of Animated Film – Student film competition
– 21st Tel Aviv International Student Film Festival – International competition
– 14th New Chitose Airport International Animation Festival – Student Competition
– 61st DOK LEIPZIG  International Leipzig Festival for Documentary and Animated Film