2016 / HD / experimental short / 16:9 / Colour  / 5.1 Surround / 6’05″

Play of abstract forms, patterns, rhythms and sounds. “Quimtai” is an abstract Animation based upon pre-colombian patterns of the now extinct Tairona and Quimbaya indigenous cultures of Colombia and is also inspired by the german absolute cinema. The animation was laser engraved directly onto 35mm Black Lead film as part of an elaborated technical manufacturing process.

Direction: Camilo Colmenares
Animation: María José Román, Igor Shin Moromisato, Pam Sánchez
Sound Design: Ernesto Coba
Editing: Tama Tobias-Macht
– 61. International Short Film Festival Oberhausen. German Competition. Germany, May 2015.
–23. International Animation Festival of Brazil, Animamundi. Gallery Competition. Brazil, Jul 2015.
– 17. International Animation Film Festival, Animated Dreams in Tallinn. International Competition. Estland, Nov 2015.
– 54. Ann Arbor Film Festival, Oficial Competition. USA, Mar 2016.
– 29. European Media Art Festival 2016. Oficial Selection. Germany, Apr 2016.
– 13. Vienna Independent Shorts. Oficial Competition. Austria, May 2016.
– Ars Electronica 2016. Austria, Sep 2016.
– Sciart Magazine, Aug 2018.
– Indigenous Science Issue of Labocine Video Magazine, Jun 2018.