Quimtai Installation


two channel installation / Black and White / Stereo / 6’05”

Multilayered fabrics hanging in the space, make the installation walkable to the visiting public. Being able to walk through the installation as well as touching the fine cloth allows the spectator to insert themselves into the projected patterns. To touch, feel and stand inside the installation makes them participants of the work and part of the animation.

“Quimtai” is designed to be displayed in unconventional places: public spaces, architectural bodies, with unconventional devices. The goal is to leave the confinement of the theater or the closed space of the living room and break the limit imposed by the TV, computer and projection screen. It has not one unique form, but several. The piece is based on the homonymous short film and has been shown as a videoinstallation, a site specific installation and as mobile street projection.

A work by Camilo Colmenares