Clair de Lune on Lille Flandre


2019 / 2K / VIDEO MAPPING / COLOR / STEREO / 3’57’’

When the moon is full/ one should do something special/ You have to sit in front of the piano and play at Lille Central Station. You have to touch each other loudly and get your hands into a messy mix/ You are next to me but I call out your name as if I miss you madly/ We must believe that touching each other will bring the moon closer to us.

Inspired by Claude Debussy, the pianists Kathia Buniatishvili and Pola Park play Clair de Lune.

A reinterpretation of Claude Debussy’s piece “Clair de Lune” through animation, created for the Video Mapping Festival in Lille and projected on the central train station.

Direction: Sae Yun Jung
Collaboration And Piano: Hyun-hwa Park
Animation:  Sae Yun Jung, Igor Shin Moromisato, Francisco Corella Borrás
Sound Mixing: Seongmin Lee (Tonstudio Klang), Frederic Duzan
Production: Rencontres Audiovisuelles – Video Mapping European Center / Laboratoire Devisu / Vamos Animation
Music: Clair De Lune By Claude Debussy